As you know, today in Iran domestic goods compete with imported goods with their peers.

But fortunately, the ice cream production market is one of the products that is less exposed to competition with foreign goods.

To prove this, you can visit the shops and stores near you to feel the variety of ice cream products.

Ice creams with different cravings and tastes from different brands of ice cream factories.

This case makes the customer have a high right to choose and it can be claimed that there is nothing in this field

Not found in Iran.

As it is known, the ice cream production graph will definitely increase in the summer season.

But there is still the question of how much of the ice cream production process is done in Iran?

According to the available statistics, although Iran does not import ice cream, but most of its consumed products except milk and milk powder are among

Imported products.

Even the equipment required for packaging products and even ice cream sticks are among the imports of the ice cream industry.

But another question that arises is why Iran can't even produce ice cream sticks inside the country?

According to the research, the answer to this question is that domestically produced ice cream sticks do not have the necessary polish.

In fact, the poor quality of the wood produced in the country has caused all the artisans active in this sector to supply their needs from abroad..

With all these cases, Iranian ice cream is in a tough competition with foreign ice cream and its quality and production level is at the world level.

The reason for that is the strictness of internal standards and the use of Ice cream machine It is modern.

Ice cream machine The new technology has increased the work performance in this industry. Fortunately, in Iran, it is easy to

Ice cream machine had different types of access and despite Ice cream machine Improve performance in the work area


Now, with this amount of quality, the question arises, how much does Iran export ice cream abroad?

With the necessary checks, we came to the conclusion that despite the ice cream export Ice cream machines It is so little

which is not even mentioned independently in the official monthly reports of Iranian customs.

Customs statistics show that in 12 month of last year 159 Million dollars of ice cream and frozen syrups exported abroad

Iraq is the main destination 98 This amount of export has been observed.


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