According to official statistics, Iran has broken the record for the import of ice cream sticks.

According to surveys conducted 95% Wood ice-cream products imported from China!

According to activists in this class, the average cost of production of ice cream sticks 3 Billion dollars associated costs.

But according to statistics from the country's ice cream factory Ice cream machine Modern use annually 240

Million dollars into the country's ice cream sticks.

Almost the cost of imports of wood ice cream 8 Dollars are.

Currently, there are only three factories in the country Ice cream machine They also use ice cream sticks independently

They are in Karaj, Isfahan, Zanjan.

There are studies which show buy ice cream sticks production line up and running in hours, depending on the number of products and brands

Among 120 One thousand dollar( Chinese production model 15 Hzardd per hour) until the 6 Million euros ( Danish model over 50 Hzardd hour)

Price is.

As well as the average price of ice cream sticks production line 240 An estimated million USD.

The modern production line of ice cream sticks on average per hour can produce at least 20 There are thousands of pieces of wood ice cream.

Despite all spending for imports of ice cream sticks per capita consumption of milk and dairy products to less than 70 Reached kg.


And studies show that consumption of dairy products among Iranians. 22 The percentage has fallen.

Accordingly, the annual per capita consumption of ice cream sticks for every Iranian 416 Number.

Of course, some of this wood ice cream factory and transportation time is lost that accurate statistics are not available.









According to these statistics ice cream in the basket of households do not have much, but Iran has an annual production cost billionaire Tumen



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