Wooden ice cream machine tunnel

Automatic ice machine with productivity 6000 Up to 12,000 pieces of popsicle, ice, sandwiches, cakes, rolls, etc.. *Automatic cutting system * کاملا هوشمند بواسطه تکنولوژی Servo *سیستم پرکن قیفی سه نازله مجهز به تابلو برق مجزا توانایی تولید دو محصول همزمان فریز کردن محصول پس از تولید ساخته شده از استنلس استیل

Familiarization with Popsicle tunnel

At first glance, anyone may see an ice cream machine to buy a luxury by many to be essential kitchen appliances. But if you love ice cream, you're having an ice cream machine even from the fridge and gas in the kitchen becomes obligatory. نتایج به دست آمده از افرادی که خودشان دستگاه بستنی دارند و در خانه بستنی درست می کنند نشان می دهد که خوردن بستنی لذت بخش تر از این است که به بستنی فروشی بروند. Of course, this requires that you have a professional ice cream machine and can make the ice cream and savory tarts. However, many devices such as Popsicle ice cream shops tunnel to delicious ice cream made right there for you.

Some of the benefits of wooden ice cream machine tunnel

  • Wooden ice cream machine tunnel cooling system and the cooling air circulation inside the machine.
  • Popsicle tunnel design is very beautiful.
  • LED screen to display ice cream machine performance.
  • Popsicle tunnel system is noiseless and vibration and noise can all be.

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