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Heydari Machinery Industries is a manufacturer of all kinds of ice cream machines and a provider of technical and engineering services throughout the Middle East with 20 years of useful experience in the field of ice cream production machines

Ice cream production line

Ice cream machine

Today, with the advancement of technology, ice cream production has become a mechanized process, and with the invention of numerous devices, obtaining this sweet and lovely substance happens much faster than usual


More than 20 years of brilliant experience


Product quality assurance


More than 1000 satisfied customers


The most suitable market price

why us?

Why choose Heydari ice cream machine?

The most important reasons to choose Heydari Machinery Industries to buy an ice cream machine


1.Expert force

In the production and sale of products, we have used the most experienced forces


2.fast sending

Your order will be sent to your place as soon as possible

دستگاه بستنی

3.High variety

All kinds of ice cream machines with high variety are sold in this collection


4. High history

The brilliant record of our collection is clear from high customer satisfaction

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